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R.A.R.E is the ultimate foundation for great golf. Brad covers for basic fundamentals that will change your game. 
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R.A.R.E. Golf Videos
  • Better Your Golf Game Without Going To The Range: Top drills that you can do in just 5 minutes a day. 
  • Unique Feelings And Actions: To improve your golf game fast and fun. 
  • Includes Step By Step Homework: Complete interaction with your drills get instant feedback with some of Brad's tips.
  •  30 Minutes Of Video Broken Down Into Bite Size Segments: For all levels of golfers.
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Arnold Palmer taught me several great things, one being how important it is to keep thoughts, feelings and actions deceptively simple. 

This FREE video series covers exactly what you'll need to do daily in your home, your office to develop the same thoughts feelings and actions. 

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